domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Exit Routine

Today is Sunday the first day of the week, so let's do something different, let's get out of routine, come off as? Is simple Duranti doda week our life is coriquera do almost every day the same Khoisan, we woke up early for work or school, corendo lunch, there's no time to breathe valtamos to work in environment Quelé extresante at the end of the day we returned home to see our family, cheguamos home tired after a long day, and our family almost no attention so today we're going to change . Come out with family, going out to lunch, go to the park with their children, take time for your husband or wife, to recover the lost time he lost all week of more value to them and do not let your life turn a routine, quite the contrary we leave the routine every day, even if the veses not find time for it, to remember everything is a way we put Jesus first.
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