domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Short and France

The blibia tells us that our word should be

yes, yes and no, this is not outside provenance

maliguina. Poriso proucurei always be sinsera

with people when they tell me to preucuram

give advice, preucuro be short and frank,

tell the truth and not see dupe people,

the truth hurts, hurts more is better to go straight to the point.

a certain friend was bugging me patience

with a certain young man, she asked me for advice semre,

more this day I asked God for a direction for me

tell her, so I told the truth, she simpres

mind did not, said the boy did not aguele

was for her, he is 11 years older than she

do you improve something tava preparing

for her, said no more, let simpresmente

it for my part I know I did. I will continue

to advise people when the light of blibia

always being short and frank, leaving one hundred doubts

improve or go straight to the point as my shepherd

that is my dad does.

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