sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2012

At vai

How many today agree believing that the day would be better than the other past, many saw no anxious slept until the hour of daybreak, for this day will be different for many.
  Mutos will Guere the day began to end that bad as it is, those who are on death row will have their sentence carried out today in our country do not have that most other countries especially the United States has to wake up and bad know that within a few hours you will die, good is very sad, for the most to those who accept jesus and repent of their sins they committed must be an anxiety alone ours! Thurs few hours of being with the Father in glory, that privilege.

   Good but for the other side, how many mothers will give birth today, how many will have a good a job offer, you will receive a Almeno, review that friend or relative who does not see much time, because that will receive justice, and how not wait to be discharged today from the hospital after a long time in hospital, many girls will also have their hands in marriage requested, it is really very good, so what i can say is the following for all that day that is special to me and to you is gO tHIS.
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