quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Has Only People Who Criticize

Did you ever stop to think that there are people in life who knows only criticism is never good for him, just mumbles only critical, it does remind the people of Israel were in the wilderness murmured when asking meat cp Exodus 16 v 12-36. were not satisfied with the manar that God had commanded.

  Some people do not ta happy with the car, even with the job they have is incredible family I know people like that, lives criticizing the woman saying she did not Aruma for him, more like he will stay beautiful for her husband when he comes work if she paresis another maid, wow! we have good census, and not only criticize own life, the life of another OPINION criticizing.

  When I was studying some "gentinhas" who criticize my hair, always liked my curls and I do not estova not care if they wanted to see me straight hair, this is unbearable, I had a friend in school that God's heaven only knew murmurs criticized throughout the class until all the faces of the people I was seething inside, I thought as we could have in the world so miserable so miserable è then intendi those people who just live their lives and criticizing lives of others is because they are unhappy with their lives and are envious of the happiness of others, why spend a lifetime envés muttering to thank God, for what he did.
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