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In My Footsteps WHAT Would Jesus?

Have you ever wondered, what jesus would do if I was in my place?
or rather, in my footsteps what would jesus?, as well.
  What you have done in your day day has pleased you or not
when someone asks for help you are ready to reach out to

helping others or says, not to the occupied.
asistencia you have helped in the church social or speech, the pastor of me not to go
tomorrow we will visit the asylum you say; know what is exactly in this time I have a commitment not going to leave next, and this never comes next.
If Jesus were in our place he would do anything, anything at all that we find excuses not to do.
           Good always have problems to solve, so I wonder, what would jesus? he put everything in the hands of his father and ask for wisdom can solve that problem.
             In short: When you think doing something that does not please God or be going through difficult times and need to resolve something always, always ask this question, in my footsteps what would jesus? I'm sure he will directs him to do what is right.
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