quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

My Prayer In Difficult Times.

There I am again here,
with tears on his face,
to tell you;
  God I can not even speak,
I will strive more,
I came here today to say I need you so much,
I fell on the floor and played here,
no strength to lift up the hands,
just look at the sky asking for protection,
come help me,
comes succor me,
extends your hands
can not stand it suffers
ai sir, I know I was a rebellious child
want to go back to you,
come help me,
comes succor me,
can not stand it suffers
I want to go home
return to home
help me on this cold night,
because I want to meet you,
because I want to hold you,
warms me in your arms,
  with thy heat,
involve me sir
in your arms,
with your love.
One day sin with evil, overpowered me,
most of you sir,
with peace and your faith has healed me,
rescued me,
delivered me,
Today I am free,
free, free.
That was my prayer Lord, in difficult times.

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