quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012


Travelling is as good if even more with family,
Today is October 25, the time to plan for the holidays at the end of the year, good to be on top of that half hour of time to do at least one tour with the whole family.
  In two and a half years I plan to go to the United States with my sisters meet new York, and I'm planning for this to happen for a long time, next year I will start my English perfeiçoar not to lose ne!.
  For everything in life has to be in advance not to leave on top of the hour, because of everything does not go wrong as the people who just ate and in stressing over something that should have been done before, every time my family started traveling vai to pack a week before, and oddly enough always forget to bring something is amazing.
  Traveling, hanging out with family, take tours, enjoy the good and the best and not sin, and if you can afford to give your family something better to do without fear of sin, the Bible says to enjoy the best of this land is God in terms of why not? I never imagined living the life I have today, so I'll make the most and what do everything in my power has of course always putting God first in front of everything that is done.
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