quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Always humble

Many people think that having humble and being humble is riding clothes torn, the slipper finger, all the dirty street outside, no, no and no, you're mistaken.

Humility means that Virtue gives us the feeling of our infirmities, modesty submission.

Humble is: Who has or appears humility ie people of modest conditions.

He saw the difference, but you should be asking ta, what this has to do, is simply good.

There are people I know who are rich and have a gorgeous heritage, most are totally humble, if you find in the street will not know if she rich or poor, why? they dress normal, walk up to the bus, at work and also put their hands dirty and do not like being treated different just because they are the leaders, but it is to have humility and be humble.

I could stay here all day talking about this subject that is too good to be debated, but I have all this time.

Being humble is also live what we preach in our day, day, how do we say to a person to use kindness to another even if the use of arrogance and not live in humility toward all men.

Recententemente I was very sad and upset by an event that happened, a person who writes and speaks about the Bible in a way lush, enchanted me, I think that person will be here some time pastor, the way he lives, and advises people.

 He says that we should not judge by appearance (this is a fact) and wrote an article about it, but not what happened to me was pure mistake, he judged another person by appearance, he chose to put a person who had a model looks and little wordy (which is not what it seems to be just looking at it) than a person integrates the wise word to be your helper. I thought this person ta using deception to another and not with the being humble as it appears.

May we live what we preach and always be humble with everyone. Equesa not always humility.

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