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Faith and courage

In biblical times, we see many stories of brave men and women who overcame great struggles through faith and fortitude.

Of course I had moments that many of these men and women found themselves in difficult situations, which weighed up to die, as did Elijah.

  The prophet Elijah was quasse entered into a state of depression, when Jezebel sent to kill all the prophets of Israel, and left only Elijah, who jira fu to the desert.

But the Lord God took the courage to move on pro very long because it was the way .1 cp Kings 19 v 1-7.

There are moments in our lives that we need to have a lot of faith and courage to make the decisions that dissidimos, is that we really trust God.

Let me give a personal testimony that happened to me.

Earlier this year my father took a radical decision, resigned the job and would not know what do do, he tava dissidido that he did not get that job, my father asked for a direction to God and rescued an old dream, until it was already old keeper of 'srsrsrsrs', well I had just graduated and did not know what do do here going forward, it was then that my father surprised me, he had opened a business in my name, pulls, be happy dimais thanks to good God.

  So little time our company has grown and expanded.

If my father had not used the faith, would not have gotten anywhere, he had a lot of courage to leave his job and invest in something that only you know if God was going to work or not.

Never forget: faith and courage has to be used together, because if you do not have faith will not have the courage to do nothing because you fear will dominate and prevalevacer in your life.

  Without faith it is impossible to please God, Think about it.
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