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Forgiveness in Aurélio dictionary means; Remission of sins, sins and crimes. 

To forgive is to come from the inside out, something voluntary, not hurt, like "I" a person integrates faith, anger can not guard anyone, I can very easily forgive the people who hurt me when I'm wrong we use my mistakes and recognize what really went wrong, after all I am human. 

There are people who can not forgive the way around not one, how many times I hear people say being a Christian talk, I'd rather die than forgiving guy, and this sad situation, how many people bedridden needing to be more forgiving does not receive forgiveness next, there are people who even enters into depression, they really erarão recognizes that the blame was his, but still not receive forgiveness. 

People who can not forgive, you have a hard heart and be covered with hatred and anger, depending on the situation that occurred between them., 

Recently watching a story on TV that her daughter had killed the pro pious parents to stay with family money, (...) on the reconstitution of casso, the brother of the chasuble "young suspicion of killing his parents" left encounter with the assassin who "helped his sister to kill their parents" and hugged him, all the skill became alarmed at the reaction of teenage dwindle waited for what was a surprise, it was because he did not keep anger in your heart Killer at the time that they embraced the killer just cried and trembled, he was swung arem than done. 

When we forgive agent with the person who offended us repent, because he sees that the other person is not equal to it. 
As hard as it is, forgive your brother, no matter what he did, just forgive, in Matthew 18 v cp 21:22 says so; 

Then Peter came to him and said, Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven? Jesus said: Do not say that to seven, but seventy times seven. 
So sorry, that is a sincere forgiveness, so that the next feel forgiven by you, which is the heart and soul. 

Always remember, no matter what you did, forgive and move on, forget the past and press forward, always and always forgiving as Jesus tells us to do.

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