segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Friend of Truth

Who are your best friends? have you ever stopped to reflect.

Friend is one that you can always count podi at any time of the day and night is just you call and he'll be ready to help you.

He did not measure efforts, not make excuses, do not use the falsity or deception Di, lends her shoulder to cry you, with it you can open up and know that no one will know what is happening.

It is rather that a true friend, I will define it in one word it is "Jesus," he é'o best friend we can tell, here on earth humanly speaking can always count on my parents, I tell them to "all "good not everything, everything, everything that I only tell to daddy in heaven above.

I've been betrayed by my friends that I thought was real friends, below I trusted, after that I did not trust but dwindle, but today I have friendships with people honest and good heart, but not more open ing me to tell my secrets intimate.

  Today we learned the lesson, we can even friend with tar always christ jesus. With it you can count on forever and ever.
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