quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012

God knows what it is Best For Me .

God always knows what is best for each of us, is not it, it's not a bad thing or it just spoiled the good thing, what you can you it's the right time when we do not imagine he surprises us.

The vesses ask God a car, God I want a car, you granted me, insisting stood there asking, sometimes we come up with will be thinking that God was not listening to me, good ta yes he can hear you, he'll escultou your prayer desda first time there so why he has not given me a car? that question is simple to answer.
 È because you do not have a house or garage to put the car, but you question, I live to please pay the rent, I have a small space to put the car, here comes the master and speaks ;
  _ I do not want to give car peguenho want to give a big car, do not want more of that please, I want to give a home run which put the pose again I'll dictate.

In humans question God in everything and forget that he is "God" and know what you truly need.

If you ask God something ta ing the time and not yet received, do not be discouraged, he does not want to give you half blessing, he wants you to the "A blessing," so do not despair only he knows what do and better for me and you.
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