sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

In Mira of God

One of these days you were to walk down the street to the world outside,
derrepentemente was hit by a Flexar,
you know who hit you?
Was God
the high heavens he chose a target
targeted and hit.

You have been chosen by God on this earth for him,
then everything that happens to you here in the world, it is no accident
is God's permission.

When escultei this song, loved her.
I want to reflect on the lyrics of this song,
because all we are still in God's Mira.

  Abraham his relatives
left to live what the Lord dreamed, facilitated, and facilitated
holy work forward.

  Samuel volunteered one day to hear the call of the
Lord told Isaiah, Isaiah spoke sends to me, Lord.

  I want to be
in the sight of God to be easy target of his dreams, want to be in the sights of
God to be His dwelling plans.

  I want to be in the crosshairs of God be
Its easy target of dreams, want to be in sight of God to be home
He established plans.

Uses, uses, uses my heart is not like that, if not this
way I feel totally, totally in vain.

  That my biggest dreams, dreams more
beautiful than mine, dreams the Lord has for me is for me.

             Singer: Bruna karla
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