sábado, 10 de novembro de 2012

In Pursuit of Happiness

Some of you've probably watched a movie with that theme, entitled "The Pursuit of Happyness." This film is really beautiful.

But what it is happiness and meaning: the Aurélio dictionary means happiness, happy person status. Currently is that the person is, for having achieved something, or a personal achievement that she so craved.

Many people have a different thought when it comes to being happy, many say, I'll just be happy when the guy dies or most famous phrase that many of you have heard, I'll just be happy even when I get rich.

RARARA, think money brings happiness, if you can not use it it will only bring you headaches. Useless to say that will only be happy if guy die for sure is that you do not forgive him, for what he you did with the death of that person will only give you remorse, guilt, you may even think that being happy but not ta.

You will not leave the pursuit of happiness, but can reach it, it's simple, when you accept Christ as the only savior of your life and it frees you completely, take the pain and suffering and give you inner peace and spirit of what true happiness in Jesus.

When you have God in your heart, you can ta luda undergoing the biggest of your life, but vai ta smiling and cheerful by singing knows that his greatest happiness and have jesus chest and know that he is with you.
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