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Think Before You Speak

You've probably heard the expression chela "think before you speak."

Well, this is actually the vesses no intention, we hurt our neighbor with words that come out of our mouth.

Many blessings vesses lost by not we watch, I'm an example of that.

The Bible tells us, the mouth speaks what do the heart is full. Now I ask you, what your heart is full? ...

If it is full of joy, happiness and good things, people will be happy to be in their company, because they know they will leave your lips only things that build, you know words seasoned with salt. If the contrary you will have to ask God to cleanse your heart be more vigilant in words.

The word is not used wisely or at the right time can hurt even kill.

Not used at the right time, when you give a piece of advice that was not to be given at that moment, those words that are spoken, is hammering inside a person, that over time it becomes a wound that heals delay.

That may even kill;'ll simplify in two, and spiritual death Physical death also.

Spiritual death when I lived in Rio de Janeiro has long had attended a church where young people want to be holier than the other, I could not go to church for a week, this time a family Pernambuco had just arrived in town and membrane was in our church, the oldest daughter of the family had his way of being Pernambuco, was his way, but had a young man who was not satisfied with this and it has been criticized for the way she was, the girl gave no other leaves the church and went to the big world outside.

 The words he said that night that young life that girl destroyed altogether, after a while she appears pregnant poorly treated with clothes torn, she was living with her boyfriend in a house that stood in the middle of the woods, I'll never forget this, I know God will one day charge for her soul chela she played in the world because of his words.

Physical death; recently the neighbor of my friend and cousin had died that person did not know he had died, then a relative of the family decided to tell, I think you already know what do happened, so she received the news her heart died not aquentou. both cousins ​​were very close, this relative was unable to use the words in time to break the news.

When someone dies, we must first prepare the person receiving the tragic news, we have to talk nicely and wisdom, in such moment of pain, if we do not talk we'll have to pay two coffin. There are people who do not react well to certain news and passes away, it's emotional vai each.

Always seek God's wisdom and vision in the use of our word on the day of our life, even if it is a single word, pray, think before you speak, because once they leave our lips are loose in the wind you can not collect more , back.
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