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Without Cruel Intentions

Doing things without ulterior motives is the best way to get something in return., Is not it?

  When I was a kid, I knew straight when my father would receive,
then I began to do menas mess, clean the yard, just do everything right for me to win messada, my father knew but never said anything.

Today is no different when we do things without expecting to receive something in return, God blesses us because we heart without ulterior motives.

The Lord God does not like self-serving people who only seek for wanting to get something from him.

In my church passed away people who just wanted to win.

Recently a sister who was brought together with us, stopped going to church because I could not to laugh retired, she was going to church just to get to retire, there was with the intention of praise and worship God with heart, her mind was whether retire, this time, all was in vain his way home to God, she rebelled and left the church thought that God was the culprit.

She was all this time with ulterior motives.

If she had sought the lord jesus truly God now had given his retired laugh because it would have fetched without the ulterior motives of pure heart, do not you agree? .

Everything we do, we do from the heart, we will do our best, God will reward you well without being waiting for this or that.

Never forget: if you do without ulterior motives the Lord Jesus will reward us. but if it is with ulterior motives, will be by pure interest and nothing valera, and receive nothing from God.

by : Elaine
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