sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

2012 retrospective .

In late 2011, I made several promises for 2012, but did not fulfill even half of them, things have not stopped to think, time has passed and now here I am again.

Today I reflect and to myself, as the year 2012 was good, it was better than I had planned, better than I thought, things I never dreamed happened, as our God is good.

The year 2012 passed abduction, and with it the retrospective, how many prophecies and promises which are not fulfilled, how many separations, losses short.

Many things left to do, but I want to make this next year that will enter.,

  Take a few minutes of your time today and make yourself a small retrospective of his life this year, make a thorough analysis of what you could have done, what you did not do on purpose, that helps you denied, or employment that was to be yours and you do not Quiz, the friendships you dês made ​​by a simple silliness.

This may all for you now, not much meaning, but when we stop to think, see how many good things could have happened in that year.

So this year 2013 that will enter, you possar fix what broke and make it more valuable things that will come to you.

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