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One one occasion, I heard a word of a certain renowned preacher who said so;

_ Did you know that God has a daughter?

_Don't Knew?

_ Her name is Faith.

I confess to you that the first moment I was thoughtful, but then thought the preacher was right yes.

There's more for you to come to that conclusion, you must be wondering., Is simple: Faith is a feminine word.

In the Bible we find several passages in which this word is so powerful.

A phrase I like to read the holy bible that is found in Hebrews 11 v 1 CP

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

In the book of Romans in chapters 01 v 16 and 17 v 03 21-31, 04 v 1-25, 05 v 1-11.

In the New Testament we find several examples of faith, like that woman who had a flow of blood that was already 12 years old, she knew only strap on the edges of the dress jesus knew it would be played, my God! Faith that this woman had. and pure-i vai.

There are many examples of faith that the Bible in all, I could stay all day writing about this topic and would not end, RS RS RS.

Too bad that many believers do not know how to use the faith that has, all we ask in faith in the name of Jesus, we will receive. , Was the lord jesus said that.

So why not use the faith we have?

In the most difficult moments of my life, my faith was greater than my pain.,

A strong flood hit my city and the water was up to my house, we lost 90% of everything., That night was terrible for everyone, we had no where to go, you think I was crying because of that, I just gave a smile, why God had saved us and we had not lost his life.

We did not have a home anymore, the only way out was to have faith and trust in the Lord. Had so much faith that night, I dreamed that the house the other day we would live. as our God is wonderful the way he had showed me the house in a dream, was home. it was faith that had an effect.

No matter what the situation is, simply use the faith; Because Faith, Vale Very Its Effects
                                         by: Elaine
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