quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012

God Hates .

Anyone who has watched that movie, "Ten Things I Hate About You," with the late actor Heath Ledger, I confess that yes.

This North American teen movie 1999, teaches many things wrong, things that are against biblical principles we learn, is not it? . Good but where I want to get as well.

At the end of the movie character Kat Stratford, makes a list of ten things she hates in her boyfriend Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger), but these ten things that makes her attracted to him.

In our life is no different, if God fisese a list of things he hates us, our! would not end, does it.

Let's summarize for ten things God hates:

  1. Sin
  2. The Lie
  3. The Pride
  4. The avarice
  5. The prostitution
  6. Witchcraft
  7. The idolatrous
  8. The Homicidal
  9. The Hypocrisy
  10. The Pride

If we look at the origin of everything good is sin, sin attracts evil, he is the true origin of the list.

But ultimately account, God is attracted to you because he loves the sinner and do not want to lose any of them., Think about it.

                             by: Elaine
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