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Guided By God.

Everything I do in my day day, I ask God direction, so he guides me and that everything goes perfect. Of course, nothing goes as we plan, but comes off as God wanted it to be, comes out perfect.

Two years ago, my brother was at home visiting my grandmother, he saw my two cousins ​​had bought a car, he returned from traveling decided I would buy a car, my father told him to wait a bit because it was not yet right time to have a car because he had not yet driver's license.,

More to no avail, insisted that he wanted to have a car and was pu rai. Was there and bought the blessed car but did not know what do other happened? I think you already know, the car was stuck, my brother could no longer Acar with car expenses, until the only way out was to sell the car.

What happened to my brother was that he did not ask towards God, to guide him, did not consult the Lord, did things on impulse because he saw my car with cousins ​​thought he could have one.

Never think that the grass is greener than yours, nor covet the things of the wicked, but that guy has does not mean you have to have at any cost.

Being guided by God is to have your life in a whole delivered into the hands of the heavenly Father, and let him guide and direct your whole life, he always cared for you.

Israel was guided by God in the wilderness forty years, and they lacked nothing., For God had taken toward the front of everything.

When we are guided by the Lord, even the difficult decision we have to take it, give us wisdom, directs us, guides us on the right path, until he puts the right people in our path to help us.

Guided by God is to have his life directed by him., Think about it!
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