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For Lovers of Duty Vale Just read and reflect, this Sweet Thursday.

He: And and and i, marry me?
She: Are you nuts?
He: Yes, you ... By piradinho.
She: We have only 16.
He: I'm 17.
She: It's still lower ..
He: When we are of age, you
She: With 28 years? - Starting to laugh -
He: That is the age you want to marry?
She: Yeah, more or less.
He: Ok, 28 years. Closed. - The two
start laughing together -.
12 years have passed ... and their fate
not followed very well the ways
planned, any day, he was
coming home from work to get the car in
Parking and who he meets there ...
He: Isabella?
Thinking it: Oh my God, this is the voice
the ...
He: Isabella, Me, Bruno.
She Bruno? As long as our ...
you are?
- He looks at her with shining eyes,
and he knows that he came to feel those
strange things that had not felt
ever since when they
separated ... -
He: I'm fine and you? Come get the car?
She: Yeah, yeah I came, I returned to Brazil a few
He: Oh, yeah, you were living in London
Her: Yeah, I was. How was life
while I was gone?
He: It was normal - he laughs without reason-
She: You craze continues with this right? It
laughing for no reason and I think that is why
my question.
He: But it is because of you, is that week
last was his birthday, October 25 and
I was remembering that you would 28 years
that day, and when they were 16 and 17, we
we agreed to get married when
you had 28 ...
She: Do you remember? Until my birthday?
He: Of course I remember .. But fate
then changed our plans ..
She: So in a week that is yours,
November 13th, is not it?
He: Do you also remember.
She: Of course I remember and the destination changed
our plans for his guilt.
He: My fault?
She: Yes, and you also think that I
I forgot that when I said I was
leaving you did nothing to stop it?
He: Of course I would not stop if you
was leaving because it was no longer
happy here by my side, and I really do
loved so I'd rather see her happy even
that away from me, that's unfortunate and my
side just because I told you to quit
his dream and stay here.
She: If you loved me you would even behind
He: And I went. It turns out that it is not so easy
for a bum like me, stay there
London lost.
She: Have you been to London?
He: I was, I was three months looking for you there,
but you had swapped numbers and not
I could communicate with you ...
She: Are you married?
He: I could not have a relationship
seriously since when we parted, for
Her: Because I wanted to know if the proposal
wedding at age 28 is still standing.
He: It was always ... "

                                   Author: Unknown.

You that to be expected of a great love, say only one thing:

The year is not over yet,
you still have a chance to see his great love,
And if he does not end up worry
You still have 365 days to find it,
So do not worry,
Everything is in God's control,
And when, one day comes you will speak,
Worth the wait on the Lord.

Meanwhile law every morning a verse from the book of proverbs, he will give you great lessons.

                                           by: Elaine * - *

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