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Living Away the Dark

Recently, I was watching the latest Batman movie saga and saw some interesting points that caught my attention.

The character Bruce Wayne, trying to escape the pit where it was placed, had to draw closer to the fear of death., Bruce Wayne in this film was living in darkness, pure depression after the death of his best friend whom he loved Rangel (in writing Portuguese), darkness was her friend.

The Bruce Wayne, Batman dies at the end of this film, dies bankrupt without having formed a family.

Bruce's life was surrounded drinks, and many women gastanças. It was rich but the money was not worth anything for nothing.

From fiction to reality can take a lesson for our lives, here's how:

  • If at some memento of our lives until we reach the bottom, is trust and be sure that God will help us rises, fear uncertainty, death will only make us stay longer inside the well.
  • Being afraid of death is not sure of your salvation, death is a bridge to get to heaven, is a cycle that we have to pass that one day, if Jesus does not come before., My dear father always says: When death get a smile for him, is a sign to be sure where Vaz after death.
  •  Living in darkness is to live apart from God, is to walk in darkness, the darkness is not our friend but our enemy, Jesus is the light amid the darkness.
  • Depression is a stage of human life deplorable, why? because when being in depression, life for this person has no more reason to live, she was isolated from the world and many just want to get locked inside or locked in a room with everything, not wanting to see the sunshine, " living in darkness. "
  • I often say that the sun is a ray of hope for many because when night falls the moment is more difficult to pass., But that has God in his heart the night becomes hot because jesus is covered.

Say no to fear, say no depression, and when death comes just remember: From a smile to her, because who has jesus lives forever beside his father in heaven.
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