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Secret Agents

Today it has been increasingly common to see believers undercover agent inside the churches, it is even disguised.

Within congregations agent finds, FBI, CIA, AS and Spies.

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency.

AC: Secret Agents.

SPIES: What works in the field of espionage.

Believers only serveth FBI to investigate the lives of others, he knows everything that happens.

The CIA also has served quite tooth churches, are those who want to be more faithful than others, that only they are right, you know it's right! .

Secret agents is not lacking, these have already spread in large quantities al., It's an example; nobody at work knows he is a Christian, has people who work with him and know he is not a believer.

Ha ha, Spies has such a quantity that is, these are the most common among the congregations; operates in the spy on the lives of others and then tell all to the pastor.

I'll tell you a true fact, supermarkets you drinks area, a certain brother was up to her to see the prices of soft drinks, a large tongue sister, her brother saw this and ran to tell the pastures, you know what she said , hit.

_ Pastor I saw the guy brother buying alcohol, you can see one of these things.

The sky is now an agency? I did not know, which is unfortunately more but we have seen around.

In my church is no different, just jesus in question.

Let us hold fast in the Lord, and not be intimidated by these secret agents who are in the midst of the churches.

Today in the midst of God's people has wolves in lambs, false shepherds, many snakes, and pure-i vai.

Remember always: Not open to what wants one, just because he is the brother of the church as it has many believers masquerading around, waiting sô you open your mouth for you to deliver the highest level, always Watch.

                                by: Elaine
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