quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

A new Recomeço.

We are at the beginning of another year, and with it comes the chance for a fresh start., Ever thought of trying again or better to start again?

What has happened is behind us, we are in a new year, and with many chances and possibilities to change our life for the better.

Last year you made many plans for 2013, everything failed to achieve in 2012, in order to achieve this new year, many have not had the same opportunity as you now pending on this., How started the new year behind bars, arrested , others have suffered an accident and are hospitalized in a hospital bed, many even in a vegetative state, we know that in the face of year many accidents happen and many people come to die.

Today God give you 363 days to you:

  • Forgive your brother.
  • Back home and apologize to all who hurt.
  • Rekindle her marriage, so you broke up for trivial reasons.
  • Back to school and know that it is never too late to learn.
  • Valuing one more job he gave you.
  • Take more care of your health before your problem worsens.
  • Treat people with more respect.
  • Valuing more friendships.
  • Do not flee the responsibilities we fit into.
  • And most importantly, if you find yourself away from God back to him today., If it does not belong to him and do not know Christ gives himself to it in heart.

You can look up many chances, but the day of tomorrow belongs to God, never leave for tomorrow what do you can do today.

A new beginning for your life God wants to give, then give him that opportunity to change everything about you, new blank pages it will give you to start telling a new story., To declare your life a blessed year 2013 and a good start.

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                    By: Elaine
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  1. A vida é cheia de surpresas e para nos tornarmos novos devemos optar pela mudança. Amem!!!!