quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

Because Love God?

I've heard many people doing these kinds of questions, like people, Ignorance, hypocrites, thy who believe not in Allah nor recognizes its favor.

The Lord God commands us to love him above everything and everyone he loved humanity so much that He gave His only son to die in our place on Raw, so today we were saved by Jesus Christ.
            He has so much time for us and has done, so why not love him and believe that he exists and that everything comes and prove it '.

Loving God is not only to say: I love God! , No, no and no., Is to be grateful to him for all what he does, love your neighbor, you obey it, take fear him.

How many people in our day day, who does not fear God at all, no respect and even love his brother only knows all complain, complain if it's raining, if it's sunny complains, can not even thank God and say thanks., And still speaks that loves Christ! Jesus have mercy on this soul because she truly does not know you.
  Loving God is: Say no to the world and Yes to God, pending on the foremost in your life.

                                                    By: Elaine.

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