sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

By Smiling .

"One day he said to the tear smile: I envy you because you live always happy. Smile replied fool you, because I am often just the disguise of your pain."

When I read this poem for the first time, moved me and said to myself that all those words were true, for all that happened to me.

Why smile?.
because the smile lightens up the soul, fear amazement, disguises the pain.

When a child is crying just smiled at her grimacing soon forgets why she was crying and start smiling too.

The devil wants to see us sad downcast crying all the time, a terrible depression, he does not want to see anyone happy and smiling, he envies us.

It has a sister in our church we think of sister smile, for she has no bad weather is always in a good mood.

So no matter the situation you are in, always smiling alive amid the pain, the loss, the gains, the victories, the conguista because the smile is the makeup of the tear.

                                                         By; Elaine

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