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Health and Recreation: "Exercise yourself"

          Go Ai important tips you exercise - if, in your day to day.

- Before starting a physical activity program, do a medical evaluation. If possible, an electrocardiogram during exercise, especially if you are above 35 years.

- Physical activity should be directed and / or supervised by a professional physical education.

- Try to carry out their activities at times when the temperature is cooler and more local vegetation and less pollution.

- Use comfortable clothing suitable to the climate.

- Never use plastic clothes, nylon or rubberized, because they can be very detrimental to your health.

- Use preferably shoes suitable for the practice of physical activity.

- If you're not feeling well, has a fever, infection, chest pain or other feeling of malaise, do not do physical activity.

- The blood pressure is regarded as normal until 135/85mm/Hg at rest.

- Just 30 minutes of walking, five times a week, to stop being sedentary and significantly improve your physical condition.

                                  By: Elaine

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