quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

I want to share .

Hi Guys I'm Elaine and I want to share with you one thing I've learned, all we humans have our ups and down, we are not perfect, we have many imperfections, I for example, more error than settling, people look at me like everything in my life was not perfect but as servants of God we are all subject to this world.

The Apostle Paul went through a bad bit here on earth to spread the love of Christ. Every morning asking God according inspiration for me to write in my blog, and he has helped me a lot.

When I choose the songs for my CD, I make a very difficult choice, I was a year preparing for power rather close my repertoire, in late December 2012 closed once the songs that gave my CD.,

Making the right choices, has always been difficult for me, but with God's help I am always honored,.

God has changed my life completely and changed my way of being and seeing things, I was always given in my life, I always had eagle vision and not chicken, and I'm slowly conquering all that he promised me.

I leave a tip: Being Christian is not only not roses, thorns is also, if you want to be blessed by God and have their dreams fulfilled by him, is at the center of his will, so that it remains querre in your life and you can reach higher flight with Christ.

                                   By: Elaine

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