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The Poor Widow.

A certain jesus was made ​​fronted the treasury, and watched the way that how the people cast money into the treasury, put too many rich.

Came but one poor widow and placed everything he had, two coins.,

Observing what Jesus called his disciples, and said unto them, that this poor widow hath cast more in than all who deposited into the treasury;

What lesson can we take from there, let's see, the rich who passed by, deposited with abundance, because they had so much to give, but this poor widow has placed everything he had, she gave two coins.,
        But why jesus said that widow deposited, but that's all there, it is quite simple to answer, all that remained deposited there because they had a lot, but this poor widow has placed all its sustaining, two coins, and did so with love God with joy.

Whatever you do to make God love with him, with joy and pleasure, as much as is its offer will receive lesser God, do as the poor widow, God contenteza seeing that gesture of love to repay all double., what do you waiting for?.

  Read the entire history of the widow's mite in Mark 12, 41-44 and Luke 21, 1-4 and be edified.

                                      By: Elaine

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