quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

I was there

When something bad happens in our lives, we ask for God.

_ God like this can happen to me! Where were you when all this happened.

_ Why.

God has a simple answer for that.,

_I Was there

God was there with you when all this happened, he would not leave us alone at any time of our lives, he was always there.

Our God does not like to be challenged or questioned, all that happens is his will or his permission.

Never ask "Why God That was happening," just accept and trust.,
God's not anything that we can not support if he allowed something to happen in your life that was bad, it's because he knew you'd take it all supports, you do not go through this alone God is with you.

Remember: Never Ask "Why God!" But tell God thank you Cause I know you're with me.

                                            By: Elaine

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