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Stay Straight

How to move on.

For many people, move on to the vesses to be a difficult task to be done.

How to move on amid the adversities of life? Simple, is not afraid of the past, is to trust God and follow the path, even if they find it difficult to follow, is to look at the high heavens and sighting Christ and know that he is with you, he will not leave us alone, even for a minutes.

Carry on even when the doctors said no way, when all the doors are closed to you, when the cancer has spread and there's nothing else to do, amid the losses, only look at Christ and move on, Jesus is the thing, it is that leads you.

If jesus had feared the cross, today you and I would not be saved by him, but Jesus looked at his father and knew all that sacrifice was not in vain, Jesus Christ went ahead and won.

Do not look back, continue your way for the arrival this right there.

"Remember Lot's wife
He looked back
Do not obeyed the Lord's command that is marching
But Lot went ahead
Do not care what was left behind
Victory then received Lot
Because he obeyed God
Brother, who stayed behind do not matter anymore
The Lord hath anointed thee to be no pillar of salt
Carry on carrying the cross
Go in the footsteps of Jesus
If the enemy in front of you stop
Hover over it, in the name of Jehovah
Follow the same night to arrive
If the road stepping on thorns,
Go ahead, reach for tomorrow
Sometimes you think about quitting
Looking back, did not obey,
The word of the LORD that is marching ...
Even if the world collapses behind you
Forward shalt thou follow
The victory only will you receive
If only obey God ... "
Music Bruna Karla.
                                                                    By: Elaine
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