segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

Why The Wait?

For those who wait,
expect something.

Expect the best.

Maybe waiting is patient, understanding, longsuffering, and always wants the best for yourself and for your neighbor.

A popular saying that says; boarded the eating raw., We can say that he ta so hungry I can not stand waiting to get food ready, it will still eat raw, and the consequences of this is that it will not satisfy your hunger and still by sima vai get pain in the stomach.

It pays to be boarded? not. be boarded has its consequences, is not expected to know better.

Who hopes in God always reaches, not matter how long your wait will last, not matter what it is, that one day your time comes, it comes.

So trust him and wait for him, that he will do more for you.

                                  By: Elaine
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