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What the Easter Bunny That!

Why do people insist on thinking that is Easter bunny and chocolate eggs? This is incabível.

Easter is the celebration of the Lord God, who said he was Exodus chapter 12 verse 1-28, THE INSTITUTION OF EASTER, the first celebration of Easter from the earth, leaving the people of ISRAEL Egypt.

Easter is also death and resurrection of Christ, I am not against anyone who eats chocolate eggs that day, I also like, but I think the focus has to be Christ, and with that many forget the main reason for Easter.

Televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines enfatizão much the image of the bunny, what does this have to do with Easter? nothing x nothing. That was who created the devil to distort the real focus that day because he alembra that Jesus Christ conquered him in the raw, until it was hell and took the keys of death, so he deceives many with the story of the Easter bunny that behind eggs.

1) rabbit does not lay eggs.
2) and boot up eggs, would not be chocolate.
This is a lie so disheveled, seriously NE.

It is a lie so disheveled that this year Easter will not be'' in'' abibi April with God said to Moses there in Egypt.

I found this text in inertenet and want to share with you.

There was the rabbit that died on the cross.
Who was crucified was my Jesus.
He died on Friday, but was not killed.
He rose Sunday morning.

On Easter celebrating the resurrection.
But many people do not even remember that.
There are many people who do not value.
At great sacrifice of my Savior. (Author unknown)

May God speak to the hearts of all of you and Happy Easter, I forgot there it can eat chocolates yes, but without losing the focus that is Christ.

                                             In Christ: Elaine
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