domingo, 24 de março de 2013

Envious of Prayer

Envy is something repugnant, that destroys families and friends apart.

The envious is not happy that you have good stuff, he does everything to put blemish, that envy!

Prayer will always be envious of the counter, remember he's not happy with his victory.

Envious of Prayer.

God that guy is expensive and I walk the walk? , That's not fair, I am a believer longer than him.

I did not like the clothes she humiliated me sister So-using it.

Oh God how I wish that a boyfriend, that girl does not deserve it, I do.

Mr. Ha! both liked that shoe in the window but I have no money, I'll talk to that girl that the shoe is ugly for her not to buy too.

  This is just a sample as any envious now, my former neighbor was so jealous that whatever I said would buy it also speaks that would by the end I could not buy anything.

There are so many types of people within the church who just want to see you at the worst, since they can not get ahead in life, and will do anything to see you in the same situation as them.

The envious not had burned the kingdom of heaven, if you only have to be a little jealous you ask God to take it away from you, the more you have envy your neighbor but far from God you will be.

The Devil envied God and was cast out of heaven he and a third of the angels, was wanting to be more than God, look what order he gave.

Get smart: Jealousy kills your whole mind, your intimate life with the Lord God.

If you do not have what your iramo has, have no envy, pray for him that God blessed him more and more, and you always free to achieve the best from God.

                                                            In Christ: Elaine
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