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Falsehood means that the property is falso.Mentira, calúnia.Hipocrisia; perfidy, Crime who commits one who knowingly conceals or alters the truth.

Your Synonyms are: treachery, betrayal, farce, pretense, hypocrisy, deceit, treachery, betrayal and tredice

Falsehood and people fake to me is something disgusting, two-faced people without character, are not people who have a little consideration for others, that's how I define them.
I recently had a disappointment that cut my heart, I was so upset, very sad, but at the same time I could see what types of people I was dealing with, in my innocence I thought that is one thing, but the truth was-another, but I could tell the truth.

I wonder how many people are being deceived by people claiming to be friends (a), but actually you are ready to get behind the knife. fake people, pretending to be what do not, if you tell them a secret soon tos already know, in front is something behind and only jesus.

In a little while ago a certain church Guando sister saw me, she looked into my eyes and pretend I did not know me, I gave the peace of the lord and she just ignored me when I was with my mother, she wanted me embrace as if long time since I saw myself.

I thought to myself, Lord as well so we can have two faces and false, you have mercy.

Inside the church today is very common to see people acting falsehood just to get what they want, I have witnessed a sister say:
_ I hate just looking at the face of the pastor and missionary.

See if you can tell within the church some of these things! Even more speak ill of the Lord's anointed. after the pastor was her birthday there with most praising the chutzpah.

Get smart: Falsehood is not something a Christian, and God abhors all those who commit such act.

                      In Christ: Elaine
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