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Health Time: Curing Stress.

How to cure stress? It's pretty simple, is not stressing.

See how the answer is simple, then why do you keep straining for anything '.

Did you know that stress can lead your body Agera certain diseases even cancer, so you see, take a close look at the list below and see some of the causes that provoke stress most often:

- Sudden change in lifestyle or routine

- A nervous passenger;

- The work and its problems in general: overload, burnout, evidence, voltage ...);

- Relationship problems (emotional problems, ...);

- An emotional shock (death, ...);

- Lack of time to perform a task;

- Lack of sleep (lack of holidays and week-ends, ...);

- Social problems (isolation, loneliness, debt, financial problems, ...);

- Sleep problems (creating a vicious circle as this can be both a

   cause and the consequence of stress);

- Mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, anguish crisis, etc;

- Chronic diseases, such as lupus, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, certain types of cancers,

   among others;

- Dependence or excessive consumption of certain products such as coffee, alcohol,

   tobacco, drugs, etc..

Did you know that nowadays the biggest villain is stress because of financial problems, is

Indeed, 70% of Brazilians suffer from stress by spending financial difficulties

"Accumulated debts."

Pay great attention: problems everyone goes, everyone has difficulty in

some area of ​​life, we are human beings and also suffer with some vesses

stress, I say so.,

But the advice I want from it, do not let the difficulties of

life will get you down, do not be nervous for nothing, do not put a lot on

head, so do not be too thoughtful, if not going to lose sleep at night if you do not

sleep well at night if candado body will get to the new working day so you stay

stressed with everything that you happen around him, even the simplest things will become

the most difficult.

So do not stress, enlists the help God to help you when that stress


Remember: God is the remedy for any pain, physical and emotional.

                        In Christ: Elaine
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