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How Will Your Planting

Ever wonder what you have planted in your day day? But Elaine! I live in an apartment, the place where I live does not have room to plant anything.

Well is not this kind of planting that occupies the entire space of your house I'm talking about, you need not have any room in your home.

How Will Your Planting? , What You Have Planted, Day In Your Day? .

You have planted: Love or hate. Joy or Rancor. Sadness or happiness.

There are many people purai planting only bad things, quarrels, intrigues, seeds of hatred in the hearts of people, people who are not satisfied with the happiness of others and does everything to that dream becomes a nightmare.

Remember that all what plant today will reap tomorrow, if you just love planting will reap love, is not like planting rice and harvesting beans.

The choices we make today will effect Surti in the future, do not let your planting may come to burrs and pests, not eliminate them with pesticides, if it will not contaminate the food creating a false appearance of mature, but inside is green.

Want an example, one day I went to the supermarket deses bought some tomatoes that were apparently delicious vermelhinhos and when I opened them at home, I had a big surprise, they were green inside, I reached the conclusion that the producers put pesticides in tomatoes, just to sells them.

So is our life, grow in their day day and the heart of his neighbor, love, goodness, faith, fellowship, joy, and all what is good etc, thus making your planting will grow healthy and had produced good fruit without even a plague.

                        In Christ: Elaine

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