quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2013

Real or Fantasy.

What world have you been living in fantasy or real? . 

I live in the realistic world, where I have to face the fact situations., Why I asked that question, simply because there are many people living pure i-something that is not real, living in pure fantasy, like so much of envés sees reality in fact, are saying this is not real, this can not this happening to me. 

If be happening to you, because it is real., Many people can not overcome the loss of someone or a loved one, so many become depressed because for them, those people will come back anytime, something that is feeding is not real, a day that was already a reality today just fantasy. 

The devil the father of lies has deceived many with false realities, offering all what is good in fantasy, example: Smoke that cigarette and try the stone that you will feel much better. Lies, smoke that cigarette or that pebble you will feel good, and worse, will become dependent on it, cigarettes and drugs will destroy your life. 

This reality that the world offers is false, a fantasy, only when you get to the bottom realizes that it was all false advertising Devil, ere offered you a false reality. 

Do not fall into the traps of evil, he wants to drag you and take you to hell, how he does it, deceiving you, offering you a world that is not real, it's just a false appearance to lead you to hell faster, ballad , cigarettes, drugs, booze, women standing, not only brings salvation destruction at the moment you do, but then a void that only God can fill. 

Do not be fooled, and neither is contaminated with dishes that the world offers, it's just a fantasy. God yes it is real and not fantasy. 

Awake, awake you that your dream is not reality, the devil bewitched thee with lies, fantasies., 

Reminder: God yes it is real and not fantasy. 

                              In Christ: Elaine. 

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