quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

The three orders .

I read a story that caught a lot of attention, and could reflect a bit, and I thought to myself, the claim that man has every reason.


1) That his coffin was carried by the best physicians of the time.

2) That the treasures they had, were scattered along the way to your grave.

3) That his hands were in the air, and out of the grave sight.

Surprised someone asked: What are the reasons? He replied:

1) I want the best doctors carry my coffin, to show that they do not

have the power to heal in the face of death.

2) I want the floor to be covered by my treasures, so that everyone can see that

material here won, here are.

3) I want my hands are out of the coffin, so that people can

see what we came with empty hands, and left empty-handed, you do not take to die

nothing material ...

The three applications have very significant, "TIME" is a precious treasure that we

have. We can produce more money, but not longer!

The best gift you can give someone is your time! Spend more of your

time for God and live every day of your life as if it were the last one on earth.

Remember: treasure, treasure every second even with his God.

Note: Author unknown in history, the author of the blog text.

             In Christ: Elaine.
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