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Do not Give Up.

Why not give up? JESUS ​​CHRIST because you did not give up on that cross, and who only thinks in mind quit automatically declares himself a loser, you do not need to open his mouth and say who is leaving, and not just think you want it in the heart.

I see many people complaining about the i-pure life, saying it is the last straw and they will kick the bucket, not aquenta, no longer supports, and that is a lot of fighting., That person will ta mean you give up, you do not agree! She did not need to say, the attitude that she wants to take it all already declares.

Have you ever stopped to think if Jesus were afraid and did not want to die on that cross for us, can you imagine how that would be, well he did not give up on me and not you, because she knew that whoever chela sacrifice on the cross was not in vain, for it was today and we were free and we had our sins forgiven, and free salvation.

The devil our accuser, wants to do everything that we gave up to seek the Lord, he will always put obstacles in our way to turn back before they know how to GOD, He will always say,'' Remember when you did not belong to that JESUS like your life was better.'' he will do a little of everything.

But that's where he is mistaken, there are things which the LORD GOD allows nosas happens in life, we get to him, God wants to test our faith, He's not nothing that support posamos nor warm at load, it does As it rises.

So do not give up the fight for the restoration of your home, to your family that GOD release, transforms his marriage, he is with you in your work and do not give up easily, do not kick the bucket as many do-i pure, for those who insist, persist here on earth will be victorious, reached the blessing is greater than the crown of victory.

Meditate on the lyrics of this song Non Give up the singer:
Ludmila Ferber

Hang in there, do not give up
Continue the fight
Crises happen and pains
But there comes a time
Where they have their end

If you do not give up
It's for my inspiration
To also remain
Faithful and steadfast

I'm counting on you
God're counting on us
The whole sky moves
To see us succeed

I just ask my Lord
Between that in front of me
And bless your life
And make you so happy
Grabbed His presence
Heal your wounds
And make you winner
And give you joy
To see all your household
Poured at His feet.

Non whether forget : Quitting is for wimps.

                              In Christ: Elaine
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