terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

Just pray.

Those passing through difficult situations and do not know how to deal circumvents the situation, just pray.

These sad, just pray.

Tired, just pray.

Annoyed: just pray.

Someone feriou hurt your heart, just pray.

Amid losses, just pray.

Goes through struggles and afflictions, just pray.

In desperation, just pray.

Just pray it does not matter, for what you are going through, experiencing, because it's just pray God will answer ECU, and with fire.

's A tip: If you need to vent, talk to God, he hears you, and most importantly he will intende. Talk to God everything, everything even in the form of prayer.

Read: James 5: 13 and 15.

                              In Christ: Elaine.
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