sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

Opening the heart to God.

This tired, sad at heart hurt, you hurt somebody words that hurt you, do not be so open your heart to God, only he can change you and takes away any feeling that caused you pain.

Do not open your heart to what one wants, telling details of their life, they will not help you, many will take advantage of your situation to harm you.

Jesus is the only therapist, psychologist and intende that you want to hear you talk to him.

Open, rasque, gave me your heart before him: God does not stand a broken and contrite heart, he moves heaven and earth in his favor.

So open up to him because he wants to hear you, do it now, do not bother, he already knows how to walk but your heart wants you to talk, then OPEN UP.

                                         In Christ: Elaine.

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