sexta-feira, 10 de maio de 2013

Love Mother

This is my tribute to all the moms of our parents and his papers.In this second Sunday of May I make a tribute to you dear mother.
Mother, when I knew what awaited me, jumped for joy and cried,said: I will be a mom, I'll be a mom.


Mother who bore me, and I waited for nine months, even with anxiety to meet me soon, had the patience.

Mother when I was born this affection and very fondly hugged me with love, even when I cried a lot.

Mother, how many nights without sleep was because of me, but you still loved me.

Mother, fighting, struggling, struggling and doing everything to see your child smile.

Mother, who prefers weeps to see his son smile again, who prefers walking so that your child ride the bus, who prefers to go without food so that your child will not starve.

Mother, even being humble is the guts of the heart, that your son in the future is anyone that maybe she was not, that cut of your dreams only to see your son happy.

Mother, not just one that's light, but that is the chela of love and affection creates a child as it was born the same, no matter if you are white, brown, black, brunette, India, what matters is that you are a super mom.

Mother's heart always room for one more, if you've lost your dear little mother, do not worry you will always have someone who treated her son like whoever she is.


                                          In Christ: Elaine
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