sexta-feira, 17 de maio de 2013


I confess to you that I've been through times when I had no seals to pray or read the Bible, not because I was so weak spiritually powerless to estravo continued, I was going through a struggle so great that there were times that I just cried, did not know which direction to take.

Even me with all my weakness to talk to GOD I strengthened it, I got up at dawn to pray bent my knees and spoke God help me because I'm poor but I know that thou art strong helps me get through it all, give me wisdom , prayed less than two minutes and went back to sleep, read a verse the feathers and reflected on it, it was not what i wanted to read but what i needed to read, with the passage of time I became stronger and get through the fight I was facing at the time.

The moments in our looks that we will not get it, we'll go back and turning back, is in weakness that God makes us strong, there's nothing that God can not support everything is measured up.

Pray, fast, ask the lord for mercy, read the bible that Christ will tell you, is when we think that we are weak is that there are strong

  Sometimes GOD we try to prove our faith, you are not only proven but it is approved by the LORD my God.

                               In Christ: Elaine

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