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the value of a prayer


- A woman dressed simply and with a sorrowful face, walked into a store. If

approached the owner and asked ashamed

could lead some products and pay later. With a soft voice, she explained that her

husband was very ill and not

could work, they had seven children and they needed food.

The shop owner, inflexible, asked the woman to leave. However, the woman

thinking of his family continued begging: "Why

Please sir, I will pay as soon as possible. "the shop owner refused saying he could not

give credit to a person who does not


Near the entrance of the store was a customer who overheard the conversation. The client approached

and told the owner that he would be responsible

purchases by the woman, but he ignored it.

The store owner turned to wife and asked: "Do you have a grocery list?" She

replied "Yes sir."

"Okay, put your list on the scales and weigh as your list, I'll give in

food, "he said.

She hesitated for a moment, his head bowed, took her wallet a piece of

paper and wrote on it. Then, with

fear, the woman put the paper in the balance. By doing this balance lowered at once,

like I put on a stone

her. The store owner and the customer looked with wonder and admiration. The shop owner


to put food on the other side of the scale,

but she did not budge, so he continued to put more and more food, but as the

scale never equaled, he broke down and

took the piece of paper to see if there was some trick.

The shop owner looked at the paper and read with amazement ... was not a shopping list, was a

prayer that read: "Dear God, the Lord

knows my needs, I leave this in your hands. "

The shop owner gave the woman all the foods that were on the scales and stood


while the woman left the store.

Only God knows the value of a prayer when you do make but with faith and the lord of the high

heavens heard

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