terça-feira, 14 de maio de 2013

Time is Moving Forward

Moving forward is not looking back and go forward, always forward.

How to continue after the loss, divorce, these two topics are more complex, many people still do not know how to handle this situation.

Move on after losing work where is your livelihood, for many it is like losing something very valuable, of course it is important, after all it is you take your livelihood.
Many find the output is plunging headlong into the world of alcoholism, instead of to-and analyzes why it took the loss of many jobs prefer to find a culprit has no where if you lost that job is poque GOD wants to better the the vesses not know understand the act of God in our lives because nothing happens by the casso, continue forward is the best option is to see the good side of it all.

In the midst of divorce and emotional physical loss is like breaking the ice, someone loses a loved one is a painful thing that seems to be irreparable moving on is one of the hardest things in human life, even when the divorce happens, that music, that food, that place like that so it all makes alembra that person.

The most right thing to do in these times is to discard all alembre this person lighting the already departed (is no longer among us), and that they broke up, because if you do not you will end up going into depression reminds life goes up and you have to be strong during these times.

Nobody forgets a night person per day in case of separation, the loss of someone try to remember only the good things, she is gone but his good deeds were marked.

Change your routine quela you had before, change the look of your life, I know it is not easy but it takes your life now will gain a new chapter without them, all now on will change and we need you proceed with your life.

With Christ by our side overcome all things, but it depends on us want to overcome them.

                                               In Christ: Elaine
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