terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013

What I miss, memories.

TODAY AND I THINK I reflect that I have missed that time does not return.

'' Custodio Pastor, Pastor Jorge passed away six months ago.'' My father changes sembrante and voice.
_ele was like a father to me.

Ho that I'm longing for a time that never returns, just remember I'm crying here.
                                 What I have to miss it seems will never end ...

Those fellow church members who helped us, supported us, who prayed for us, who picked me up, and the pastor who introduced me to GOD in the church, all are gone, everyone has gone to glory.

In my childhood poor and happy, God sent them to help us in the most difficult moments of our life, they prayed for my family, while away from my state, my my hometown, we went to see them, some brothers had died, thinking of us sees a new day.

December two thousand and six was the last time I saw my dear childhood pastor, he had poor health, he suffered so much, that ultimately did not want to go to the hospital, preferred from this life at home, he wanted us see before you die.

Those beloved brothers childhood, which today are only mere memories, everyone has gone, all gone one day win the SAUDADE and will meet for supper ETERNAL LIFE in the presence of the Father.

                                                In Christ: Elaine
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