quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

I did not deserve

I really enjoy meditating on the lyrics of the songs I hear, always bring a few songs here on the blog that caught my attention, the music of today is DIED ON THE CROSS OF Gabriela Rocha

God loves us so much that he sent his only son to die in my place, who these days would do these, and nobody sane would let their child die to save a lot of people he does not know, but God did it, jesus suffered so much for us that I could not bear to think, suffered great pain for our sake, but he did everything without complaining so today we were saved by him.

Appreciate the chance you have today, jesus suffered great distress on the cross so that today salvation was free, so that our sins were forgiven, that we had full access to it, treasure it is approaching the day when salvation will the price of blood, meditate on the lyrics of this song.

Music: DIED ON THE CROSS. Singer (Gabriela Rocha)

I stopped a little

And I began to imagine

Who else could love me so

to die in my place
It took all pains
And I passed all fights
Do not compare to what Jesus suffered

He died on the cross to save me
rescued me
And that immense pain
he bore
Passed terrible humiliations
Because he loved me

I did not deserve (yet He loved me)
I did not deserve (yet He loved me)
I did not deserve, but He loved me.

                                             In Christ: Elaine

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