segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

What you have seen

What have you seen? this is a very peculiar and rhetorical question is not it, surely someone has asked you this, I've asked myself this question several vesses, and made a high analysis on me and I came to a conclusion that not all I see me builds .

How do I know that not all I watch my builds, the vesses good when I'm watching a movie or program, apparently seems to be any program, there is harmless I'm mistaken, all vesses I just watch what i thought was good to my mind, my mind starts to bother me with those images, the night the dream turns nightmare, what appeared to be harmless is the most dangerous.

Recently I discovered some secrets that lie behind cartoon primarily of disney, witnessed testimonials from parents who said the children's behavior had changed after he attended some drawings, I was horrified, I had heard about this but had not stopped to notice.

The devil uses several tricks to deceive the people of God, a certain TV station of our fathers, has contaminated many believers with his novels and mini series sacrificed to idols of demons with yards of voodoo and even human sacrifice, this was a the reports of former holy father Pastor Gomes de Oliveira says that this TV overall.

Dear parents pay close attention to what their children have seen around, have some programs that children are sacrificed to the devil, to disturb the minds of children

Again redo that question what you have seen, has built or destroyed their spiritual life, make itself a high analysis everything set no eyes what is evil it includes things that can cause greed, leading us to sin .

The psalmist David said:

I will not put anything awkward before my eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.
Psalms 101-3

Read the full samo 101 and see what GOD has to talk to you.

              In Christ: Elaine
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