sábado, 8 de junho de 2013

when to say it is not necessary

I see many people in their day day saying yes, yes, yes everyone is very difficult to see out of her mouth the word no.,

I witness too many parents doing the wills of their children just saying the word yes, yes son can buy it, but you go to that party, but you can sleep in the house buddy and so on, that way it will grow rebellious children will not accept when parents deny any thing saying three letters a simple no.

Saying NO to vesses is needed is more than obligation both in our spiritual life both in our physical life on the day, we have to say no every day for the world, for the pleasures of the flesh and resist the temptations of the devil.

Living saying yes to everyone around you that want your help or anything at all or wants to ask anything in return is the same as saying no to yourself, saying yes is good at the right time at the right time.

When you say it is not necessary? but when you start to choke, hurt your life, you will know that there is not all can count on me, I'll be there, yes I will help you.

Estova watching a TV show when I stopped at a certain channel that told the story of a girl saying yes to everyone with their help she was not having time to herself, when she denied help her friends and did not get blamed for it could have said no, but was comedo of them that just hurts the hurting herself.

The Lord God does not want that to happen in our midst of his people, because until even the angel of the church, the pastor need not tell his sheep. Could stay here all day writing to you all when you say it is not necessary, but I want to meditate on the basics that I wrote for that God give them wisdom in their day day here on earth.

                                        In Christ: Elaine
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